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 How many people pass by your business without stopping ?

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5 true stories of how commercial perimeter architectural lighting seizes your attention

  1.  Do you know how lighting effectes your customers?

    We have all heard how color can affect our choices and mood: red can trigger a powerful emotion (positive or negative) and a sense of urgency/increased pulse rate, orange relates to a feeling of warmth, green is a relaxing color, blue is a calming color, purple relates to prestige, white relates to clean. Companies give serious attention to color and how it can influence customers. Surprisingly, a study done found a 21% increase in conversion rates simply by a change in color.
                          Color Psychology in Marketing             
     What about scientific evidences or data to support this idea that color affects our mind and body-is there any? Stephen Westland is a professor and leader of the Experience Design research group at the University of Leeds who evaluates the effect of light on human behavior and psychology in their lighting laboratory. He tells us that it is now known that the cells at the back of our eyes (retina) send signals to not only to the part of the brain that creates the images that we see (the visual cortex) but also sends signals to the area of our brain (the hypothalamus) that is responsible for our bodies self-regulation (temperature, sleep, hunger and sleep rhythms. They have found that exposure to the blue-green spectrum of light with the morning sunlight stimulates us to wake up.  Conversely, as the blue-green light reduces with the sunset, we become drowsy. Have you experienced trouble falling asleep after using your smart phone or tablet in the late evening? There is published data that shows this is due to the blue-green light emitted from these devises. There clearly is a connection between color/light and their affect on “mood, heart rate, alertness, and impulsivity, to name a few” and he feels that there is a need to research further with the increasing use and advances in LED technology.
    Here’s How Colours Really Affect Our Brain and Body, According to Science
     And what about flashing lights? Well, think about when you are driving in your car and you see flashing lights from a police car. For most people, it takes a conscious effort to continue to look forward and concentrate on driving. “There is something that attracts us to watch” and we all know that traffic slows down because of this. What happens when we see flashing lights? Why are we attracted to this? Because flashing lights means something important is happening and we need to know. In fact, we can’t stand not knowing. There is a psychology in this too. Flashing colors on websites get the most views. “They attract our eyes and we cannot do anything about it.               The Psychology of Flashing Lights
     “so you see, color influences customers as you read in #1, this is real/based on science as you  read in #2, and you cannot stop yourself from looking at flashing lights as you read in #3……SO, it is a good bet that lights on your building would make a difference.”)
    Color changing holday lighting is the future

    We live in a world of color. Color will attract our attention and entertains us. Color makes our life exciting and beautiful. Color tells the season of the year, or what event we are near. Color is so influential that take it from nature and add it to our designs.

    When the sun sets, color fades away and artificial light helps us see color. Light, and color specifically, can affect us in ways that go far beyond regular color vision.

    The discovery of the non-image-forming visual pathway has given a new impetus to research that explores how we respond, both physiologically and psychologically, to color around us. The increasing availability and use of colored lighting that has resulted from advances in RGB LED technology (color changing bulbs) has added to the need to carry out more research in this field.

    Marketing Wizard Seth Godin as said don’t what for a case study in your industry to prove the effectiveness of a marketing tactic. Rather take something that worked over there and using it here.

    Science has proven motion, color, contrast and size attracts your attention. Lighting has proven to improve sales. Color has been proven to add in the buying decision. Now science has discovered lighting will add to the effect of color.

    Lighting a building with moving color changing holiday lighting is Guaranteed to attract attention to your business.  

    Think  differently!

    Join the light revolution

    Color Psychology in Marketing
    The Psychology Behind Flashing Lights
    The science of color and light
  3. The working memory of a goldfish​

    John is resting comfortably in his hotel room when he gets a text informing him that a package has arrived for him at the front desk. Knowing that he doesn’t need the package until tomorrow, he simply writes a note to remind himself to pick it up in the morning on his way out.

    The next morning John gets up, packs up, and heads for the front desk with his reminder note in hand. While at the  front desk to check out and get his package, his coworker shows up to check out as well.

    Chatting together while getting a copy of his hotel bill, John takes the hotel receipt, folds it up with his reminder note and tucks them both up into his pocket. Yes, and leaves without the package. 

    We've all done that, right? Have you ever wondered why?

    Memory experts will tell you that we humans have three parts to our working memory: Capacity, Duration and Focus. John lost focus causing him to forget his package. So can your customers lose focus and forget to stop at your business, unless something jogs their memory and reminds them to stop.
    Commercial holiday lighting will capture the attention of passing motorists with vivid, beautiful, moving colors that demands to be noticed. This will remind them to stop at your business, turning passing forgetful motorists into customers. 
    Because color changing parapet holiday lighting can change into a nearly infinite variety of colors and movement patterns, it can keep on capturing the attention of your customers for years and years.


    The $70.00 gallon of milk

    Mary was driving home from work when the perimeter holiday lights on a grocery store caught her attention. Mary realized she needed milk. So, she turned into the store, parked and headed for the milk aisle.

    Along the way, she spied several other things she needed. By the time she reached the cashier, she wished that she had grabbed a shopping basket since now her arms were full.

    That stop for a $2.50 gallon of milk turned into a nice convenience for Mary and, $70 in sales for the store owner. 

    All customers are great, but new customers are the greatest of all. That's the power of perimeter lighting.

    Imagine how many customers would stop with your color changing perimeter lighting.

  5. ​​​
    Why Perimeter Christmas Lighting Captures Your Attention

    After driving all day, Dave was passing through St. Louis on I64 on his way to Nashville. The architectural lighting on a gas station caught his eye.
    Realizing he needed fuel, Dave pulled off the
    highway and headed to the gas station. While fueling, he noticed the hotel across the street was part of his Marriot rewards program. Feeling tired, he thought it would be a good time to stop driving and get some sleep. After fueling he headed for the hotel for the night.​​

    Mind you, Dave had already passed multiple gas stations and hotels in St. Louis which could have had his business. They lost Dave's business because they did not capture his eyes, triggering the thought that it was time to stop.

    We think with our eyes. Our eyes are designed to notice light, motion, color, contrast and size. Vivid, beautiful, color changing lighting on the parapet of your business will seize the attention of passing motorists, turning them into customers.

    Professionally installed architectural holiday lighting will demand a look, inspire curiosity and excitement.

    No matter what kind of business you have, today’s affordable, energy-efficient, LED lighting can be used to increase revenue, achieve a distinctive look, and get you noticed.

    Imagine how much business you lose because people don’t see you at night. ​

​​It’s easy to get the power of exciting RGB LED christmas lighting working for you. 

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