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Lavish Lighting and Illumination
Perimiter Architectural Christmas Lighting Gallery

Installing and servicing color changing  year-round commercial perimiter archtectural and christmas lighting in the Twin Cities

  1. RGB Perimeter Architectural christmas Lighting
    RGB Perimeter Architectural christmas Lighting
    It’s not just Holiday Lighting any more. This is Lavish Lighting and Illumination's first commercial christmas lighting job using Minleon RGB color changing G-40 bulbs. The original plan was for only perimeter lighting to the lower roofline, but the extra rectangle at the top of the roof was added, creating a 3D effect. It was installed in October 2017 using shingle tabs, some all-in-one clips, one timer, seven power supplies and two WiFi controllers. Thank you for being the first to try this great look!
  2.  LED Christmas Lighting
    LED Christmas Lighting
    LED Parapet Holiday Lighting in Woodberry, MN This is great building to light up. The different levels and architectural features of this Hy-Vee make the holiday lighting fun to look at. We started with securing parapet clips to the parapet, and returned with the shingle tabs and bulbs attached to the C-9 cord. Custom fitting Red and White C-9 commercial holiday lighting to this Hy-Vee was well worth the effort.
  3. RGB parapet christmas lighting
    RGB parapet christmas lighting
    Color changing parapet holiday lighting in Stillwater, MN Lavish Lighting & Illumination strives to provide superb craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Our professionally trained and licensed technicians give our customers the best rates without ever sacrificing quality. We're proud to offer our services in Golden Valley, MN and the surrounding areas. Lighting guaranteed to attract customers to your business.
  4. RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Lighting
    RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Lighting
    Color Changing/RGB holiday lighting found in South Minneapolis Having trouble making your business stand out? Lavish Lighting and Illumination can install commercial RGB holiday lighting at your business. In a variety of colors and designs that will increase your location's visibility and appeal. Lighting guaranteed to attract customers to your business.
  5. Classic LED Christmas lighting on Parapet and Tree
    Classic LED Christmas lighting on Parapet and Tree
    C9 LED holiday lighting on the perimeter of the building and LED Mini Lights on tree Lavish Lighting and Illumination believes in lighting trees in a way that brings out the features of the tree. This creates a beautiful presentation of the tree and attracts attention. It takes more effort and cost compared to a couple of swirls around a tree with lights, but we feel it is worth it. You put a lot of effort into creating a good image for your business, and we put just as much effort into making sure our holiday lighting improves it. Our image is your image. Lighting guaranteed to attract customers to your business.
  6. Classic LED christmas lighting
    Classic LED christmas lighting
    Lavish Lighting & Illumination is offering our latest promotion for commercial Christmas lighting in Golden Valley, MN. We work alongside each client to ensure the highest quality work and customer satisfaction. Lighting guaranteed to attract customers to your business.
  7. It’s not just Christmas Lighting any more.
    It’s not just Christmas Lighting any more.
    Perimeter Architectural Lighting at Jerry's Maplewood, MN Architectural lighting job for the holidays with the standard Parapet clips and classic one color C-9 lights. Because the manager liked the lighting at other Jerry's Foods so much, we got the chance to work here.The picture here is for the 4th of July with red and white and blue in a moving blend.

Commercial RGB Christmas lighting
for  Memorial Day 

Your installed Christmas lights can be changed to match current events like Memorial Day. One of our service reps. can change your RGB lighting to red white and blue. In remembrance for those who have died serving our country. Unofficially, the holiday marks the kickoff to summer.