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Lavish Lighting and illumination
Commercial Christmas Lighting
Installing and servicing color changing year-round lighting and Christmas lighting Minneapolis.  Saint Paul and srrounding areas

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It was my favorite time of year December getting paid to drive around another group of people in a limo looking at Christmas lighting. I made this simple observation:  lighting turns the ordinary into something special. It attracts people’s attention, brings people out to experience them and creates a festive, happy atmosphere. As a business owner, I saw the potential of Christmas lighting to bring customers to a business. When a franchise opportunity presented itself, I added holiday lighting to my current business, thus began Lavish Lighting and Illumination.
The goal was to change the “ordinary to something special” on homes for Christmas in the Minneapolis. Homeowners loved the look of their homes! Their neighbors did too, and we were called back one-by-one to do more homes in the neighborhood. And it wasn’t just the look of the lights they loved, but also the burden-free installation and maintenance. It wasn’t long before homeowners were requesting lights to be installed in October so they could enjoy the lights not only for Christmas, but for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. With our white lights up high on house rooflines, and the home owners orange lights on the ground, the neighborhood turned into an attractive, festive and inviting atmosphere for tricker-treaters. I was in one of these neighborhood with my family on Halloween and it was obvious this neighborhood was THE destination for Halloween. Many came and there was laughter, enjoyment, smiles, fun, friendly people and memories in the making. The potential of lighting I initially observed was realized that night.

We expanded our services from residential lighting to commercial Christmas lighting. As much as home owners loved the look of the lights and services, so did the business owners and property managers, Because at the time no vendors understood the differance of lighting a building vs architectural lighting. The same pattern played out: 1. As one building was lit, more wanted the same look, 2. Business owners and property managers appreciated the stress-free lighting opportunity, 3. Lighting went from just Christmas to early install to include Halloween and Thanksgiving. 4. Customers loved the lights and the lights brought them to the business. We saw the same destination scenario happen when quaint business neighborhoods or city centers choose lighting to create festive atmospheres, drawing people in to celebrate and shop.​​  
In 2016, we went through extensive training to perfect our knowledge and skill for the exciting RGB lights, allowing us to extend this new option. This is 3 LED chips (R=red, G=green, B=blue) in one bulb, allowing for extraordinary lighting options: any color in the color spectrum, the possibility of multiple colors, the possibility of multiple effects (fading, chasing), changes in colors for each holiday or special events.
In 2017, we started installing the RGB Christmas lighting. Many businesses saw the advantage of using color changing RGB lighting for all the holidays but then realized the ease of changing to purple to support the Vikings during their run for the Super Bowl. Normally lighting is taken down around St. Patrick’s Day, but now businesses are asking to leave the lights up for year-round use because they are seeing the benefit of architectual lighting.

​In 2018, we have already exceeded last year’s sales for year-round color changing archtecitural lighting. Call today to join the lighting revolution. Limited RGB lighting stock in the US.

Lavish Lighting and Illumination
Commercial Architectural Christmas Lighting
Installing and servicing color changing year-round and
commercial Christmas lighting in Minneapolis and Saint Paul
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Marketing with commercial architectural lighting

It has never been more difficult to attract and keep customers. You can do everything right, but still be at the mercy of increasing competition for the time and attention of customers and prospects.
What if there was a way to instantly communicate to your customers and prospects that something exciting is happening at your business?

What if there was a way for your business to always look new and exciting?

What if there was a way for you to instantly put your business in a new light and dramatically increase walk-in customers and impulse shoppers? We’re not talking about advertising. We’re all expert at ignoring TV commercials and radio jingles.

We’re talking about lighting that irresistibly demands attention and then the motion and color communicates precisely what you want to communicate: holiday,event,fun, excitement, romance or whatever image or emotion you want to project.

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Whether your business is brand-new, or one that’s been around for decades, Being Seen is Critical to getting customers. That means you must stand out, and that can be difficult when you’re surrounded by businesses that are trying to do the very same thing. Thanks to big advances in technology and affordability, RGB LED architectural lighting is revolutionizing commercial buildings and storefronts, enabling owners to create highly attractive spaces that seem to be alive with light. Easily capable of simple motion or elaborately orchestrated movement, and able to generate more than 16 million distinct hues of light, RGB LED architectural lighting enables business owners to affordably create and maintain spectacular lighting options that can attract customers to their businesses like fireworks attract eyes to a night sky. From reflecting seasonal or holiday themes, to announcing special promotions, to simply putting on a new look as a change of pace, RGB LED architectural lighting offers astonishing versatility and flexibility where once there was none. We are Lavish Lighting and Illumination. We install lighting that is guaranteed to get your business noticed and keep it that way by allowing you to easily, creatively, and frequently refresh the look of your building or storefront. Call us or click here to learn the amazing possibilities that RGB LED architectural lighting holds for your business.
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