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 How many people pass by your business without stopping ?

Get holiday Lighting Guaranteed To Attract Attention To Your Business
Grow your business with eye-catching,​ color changing parapet holiday lighting
Turn people passing by your business into customers, with commercial architectural holiday lighting

Get customers attention with vivid, beautiful, RGB  LED commercial holiday lighting that demands a look

  •  Increase foot traffic
  •  Inspire intrigue and excitement
  •  Stop passing motorisist from passing you by 

It’s not just Holiday Lighting any more. Your business will benefit from today's affordable, energy-efficient, LED holiday lighting. Because, we think with our eyes. Our eyes are designed to notice light, motion, color, contrast and size. Vivid, beautiful, color changing holiday lighting on the parapet of your business will seize the attention of passing motorists. Then, you can turn them into customers.

Professionally installed perimeter architectural holiday lighting will demand a look, inspire curiosity and excitement. You can visually brand your building with parapet lighting to increase revenue, achieve a distinctive look, and get people noticing and talking about you.

All of the grocery stores that we installed with color changing lighting for the holiday season asked to have the lights up for year-round use.

We have already exceeded last years sales for year-round color changing holiday lighting. There is limited RGB lighting stock in the USA, so Call today to join the lighting revolution. 


 It's easy to get the power of exciting, color changing holiday lighting working for you.

All you need to do is:

​​1. Email [email protected] or call (612) 328-3376
and schedule an appointment
2. Meet with us to learn your holiday lighting options
3. Receive a no obligation quote, you are free to choose
4. We'll professionnally install your lights quickly and               minimum of disruption to you and your customers
5. Enjoy the new look and benefits that state-of-the-art          
    holiday Lighting provides
List Price for all October holiday lighting orders

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